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Nicolas Bourg

Nicolas Bourg

Nicolas Bourg is the CEO and founding partner of BRDB along with Ph De Backer and Th Relecom. He is an established entrepreneur having successfully created and sold start-up companies in a variety of fields such as digital printing (e.g.Tictacbook, Tictacphoto); Nicolas has been active in the real estate sector and real estate portfolio management for 10 years and co-founded, among other initiatives, a residential real estate development fund, Auguria, in 2003 the first real estate fund in Belgium exclusively dedicated to the residential property sector. He has succeeded with his partners to close significant real estate transactions. Among them, including, “The Parc” development in Villars, one of the largest residential projects in Switzerland. Nicolas Bourg also gained significant experience in international real estate projects where he developed international network of investors, real estate portfolio managers and developers. He has been the principal lead generator in all previous real estate transactions. Nicolas Bourg is Belgium born and is a Swiss resident. He graduated from UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) where he majored in Economics in 1994. He is married and father of two children.


  • Title: Investment Fund Director
  • Company: Swiss Development Group